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How to Briefly Understand the Meaning of Emotional Trauma What is emotional trauma? Emotional trauma is basically an emotional instability state consisting of fear and uneasiness for a certain situation and your soul, mind and body are all affected whenever you experience the same incident. When you experience emotional trauma, you are unable to control its occurrence and this happens to anybody regardless of the age. In fact, nobody is exempted to traumatic experience that is why there are people who suffer internal despair and struggles that affects their entire being. Once you experience events that are really shocking and puts you in a state of helplessness, this is already trauma. This can be a type of event wherein you experienced it only once or a repetition already but still you are unable to withstand and overcome it resulting to trauma. The result to this is the fact that you become confused and eventually feel doubts and fear consumes your entire being and you believe that you are unsafe.
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According to researches and studies conducted, the very source of psychological disturbances is in fact coming from your early childhood experiences. The most common experiences include but not limited to being a victim of sexual abuse, violence, or even if you only saw it but was not physically abused. At a very young age, you often choose not to disclose or share this experience that is why it will become a memory that is very stressing to you. That is why when you grow older and accidentally brought or witnessed the same situations during your youthful years, it will bring distress and brings you emotional instability.
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There are other causes of emotional strain that gives you shock after you experience it and these are natural phenomena such as but not limited to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption and wars. In spite being rendered helped after these types of incidents in your life, you may find it a threatening one and will remain a phobia to as you move on with your life. This is actually a normal state after the incident but there are those who are unable to control it. For those who have severe cases, they might be recommended for medical treatment wherein medical experts such as physicians, therapist, and nurses should supervise. If you happen to see your loved ones experiencing emotional trauma, early intervention must be done immediately. You need to identify the origin of the fear so that healing will be done fast. There are trauma specialists who can handle your situations or you can seek from consciousness teachers’ assistance.